Friday, June 15, 2018

'School Teacher' Award

At Deepam, we have some special people amongst us. 

To volunteer for a few months is easy. To do that, for a year can be bit hard. To do that for 5 years takes a lot of motivation. To do that even beyond - thats like a 'School-Teacher'.

These volunteers show up every Saturday to the Deepam centres. They even plan their vacation around the school vacation time! 

They have made a huge impact on the children we teach, on the fellow volunteers, on the Deepam organisation as a whole. Deepam is lucky to have people such people.

'School Teacher' is a special person - they make the most impact on children. Hence, we have an award at Deepam named after all the 'School Teachers'. 'School Teacher' Award is the highest honor for a volunteer at Deepam, for their motivation to make a difference to Children.

This award was given at Deepam's 10th Annual Day event in March 2018.

Anu , 9+ years at Deepam!

 Arthi , 9+ years at Deepam!

Rajagopalan (RR) - 9 years at Deepam!

  Vasanthi - 9 years at Deepam!

  Maduravalli - 9 years at Deepam!

 Vedavalli - 9 years at Deepam!

 Prasanna - 8 years at Deepam!

Rohit - 7 years at Deepam!

 Sugumaran - 7 years at Deepam!