Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Notes..

I spent my last weekend at the besant nagar beach, playing frisbee for the Chennai team at a National Tournament. This post is not about that. But about the interesting event that happened during the games..

Some of the kids who we teach at Olcott School and at Nalamdana centre, wandered near the playing field. With the games being held under the lights and the Saturday evening attracting a lot of crowd, i spotted a couple of our kids at the game watching us play. No doubts on who and which team got the loudest cheers and support from these kids!!! and at one point, when we were trailing the opponent team, these kids were rooting for us and during the breaks they were with me, 'offering support' !!! 

I continue to benefit from these little kids. As Ram pointed out the other day, it would be arrogant if i claim that am 'giving back', as i seem to be the one who is benefitting!!!

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karthik said...

Hey Karthik

Is this the Olcott School you support

We at Asha Irvine also support that school.

Anyway, good to know that you are involved in some social welfare work.

How is your marathon'ing coming along? and what are you up to nowadays?

(98A3 and Class of 98 Stanes)