Monday, April 28, 2008

Deepam off the Blocks!

Saturday 26th of April 2008 was certainly a big day for Deepam - it took close to 3 months for an idea to see the light of day. Deepam is finally off the blocks - With a bunch of passionate volunteers in place, Deepam partnered with Nalamdana to teach MS Office to kids.

Place : Nalamdana , Perungudi - Chennai.
No of Students : 15
Volunteers : Namratha, Ebin , Nanditha , Archana , Ram Prakash and KK

Here are some photos taken during the class.


Sivaram Kannan said...

I could see the sparkle in the eyes of the kids man. I just missed it in person, this week I will make it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Keep it up.

namrata said...

hey Karthik, what you guys are doing is awesome! Good luck!!!

Archu said...

Lets keep it going :-)

Srini said...

an innovative idea...

best wishes people
salute you for the wonderful job

jai hind